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Motivational Interviewing for Health and Wellness Coaches

Motivational Interviewing is not just a communication style, it's a 'way of being' with clients. This course reviews the basic skills & processes of MI, but also how to move past the head knowledge to incorporate it naturally into your own coaching style.
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What's included?

As Drs. Miller and Rollnick say, "MI is simple, but it's not easy!" Most coaches learn about Motivational Interviewing in their coach training, but many don't learn to use it skillfully. Beginners often get hung up on doing MI "right" instead of incorporating it seamlessly into their way of being with clients. This course will help you integrate MI naturally into your daily coaching practice for best client experience and results. 

Learn at your own pace

Each module contains self-paced video lessons with pdf notes and learning activities. We suggest that you plan to practice what you've learned with your clients, friends or family after each module to implement your learning.


The course content takes about 8 hours to complete, plus there are 2 hours of live practice sessions. The course is approved by the NBHWC for 10 CEs toward your recertification.

Become a better coach

Build your skills in our engaging learning system! Includes short video lessons along with examples, simulations, reflections, practice exercises and pdf worksheets you can print and compile into your own notebook as a permanent reference.

Practice with others

The program includes 2 structured one-hour practice sessions that provide you a safe place to practice your MI skills with the instructor & other students, with feedback to facilitate your skill growth. Currently held at 6pm ET on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

Student Community

Internal discussion board lets you share your learnings and feedback with other students. A course community allows you to ask questions, encourage each other, share additional resources, and connect with a study buddy if desired. You may even make some new friends along the way!

Ongoing Support

Students retain access to the course indefinitely and can review the contents as desired. They are also welcome to participate in additional practice sessions at no additional cost for ongoing development and refining of MI skills. Just register within the course for upcoming sessions you want to attend. 

This course is being updated to reflect the changes in the recent release of Motivational Interviewing 4th edition by Drs. Miller and Rollnick. These updates will be available in early 2024 and current students of the course will have access to those updates, even after you complete the course.

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, the coach will be able to:
  • Explain the key concepts and principles in Motivational Interviewing.
  • Skillfully elicit change talk from clients using the core MI skills (OARS)
  • Assist clients to resolve their own ambivalence so they can move forward toward their chosen health or wellness goal.
  • Demonstrate reflective listening to build rapport and draw out the client's own perspective, motivations for change, and goals.
  • Share information and advice in an MI-consistent manner that honors the client's autonomy.
  • Utilize the 4 processes of MI to guide clients to their chosen outcomes.

Course contents

Student Feedback on Anonymous Post-Course

Thank you so much for providing these videos AND making them so affordable to us! I found this to be extremely helpful for me in expanding my MI skills.
This is the best CEU class I have taken. Highly organized, good curriculum & breaks down complicated info into digestible lessons.

I enjoyed taking the course and although I'm officially finished, I do plan on joining one or two of the live calls.

Meet the instructor

Tamara Golden

Tamara Golden RN, HNB-BC, NBC-HWC, WHE has been a RN for 34 years and earned her certification as a Health and Wellness coach with Wellcoaches in 2009. She has over 13 years of health and wellness coaching experience in an employee wellness setting as well as private practice. She has also trained dozens of coaches, nurses and medical providers in health coaching skills for a leading nationwide corporate health & wellness company for several years. Tamara has been a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach since 2017. 
Patrick Jones - Course author